Щучинско-Боровская курортная зона, Казахстан

The Shchuchinsko-Borovoe resort zone is located in the Central Kazakhstan near to regional centre Kokshchetau in natural boundary Borovoe. The nature has created a surprising workshop of health in the Borovoe. Lakes Borovoe, Chebache, Shchuchie, Koturkul are among mountains, - huge natural storage of fresh water. Water in them is transparent and you can the bottom on depth of 7 m. Around lakes are pine and birch woods. The combination of mountains, coniferous wood and water creates special environmental conditions in natural boundary. The cleanest air, moderately rarefied and damp. It is sated with aroma and medical effect of needles essence and is earnest of success doctoring of pulmonary and other diseases.
Borovoe - nice place for solar baths and inhalations. Here the great number of sundial in the year, an abundance of effective ultra-violet beams is characteristic. Swimming in lakes is very favourable for organism. The lay of land with steep slopes and descents strengthens the general muscles of feet and cardiovascular systems.
The powerful medical factor of Borovoe is the medical mud of Balpashsor and mineral water «Mai Balyk». The mud possesses the big thermal capacity, slowly and evenly gives heat to a body of the human. As a result - blood circulation improves, regeneration and metabolism processes amplify. Balneotherapy – coniferous, iodide-bromine and sea baths.
The main feature of Borovoe is kumis therapy. Kumis – milk of the mare, absorbing curative properties of steppe and mountain herb, is very effective at treatment of diseases of lungs, including tuberculosis.
In the territory of Borovoe function sanatoriums representing modern housing estates, equipped with the newest medical equipment.